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I want each & every one of you, our valued customers, to know how I have appreciated your ongoing support over the last 9 years.

However, due to family illness, as with all good things in life it us time for me to say goodbye and move forward to the next chapter in my life. I will be closing our beloved shop in May, 2019. The actual final day will be posted in a future e-mail.

The business and/or all inventory, fixtures etc. will soon be available for sale. Should you have a completed punch card or gift certificate now is the time to make use of those in order to take advantage of a full inventory. Once our sale officially begins the punch cards will no longer be valid.  Gift certificates will be honored up to our final business day.

Kathi & I have a customer appreciation day in the works to thank all of you for your ongoing support and wonderful memories. Again, watch your e-mail for the date. Needless to say, you will all be missed. Our time here will always hold a special place in our hearts.

With love and sadness,

Joyce & Kathi
 Basketweave Bracelet
  Eternity Bracelet                          JellyBeans Bracelet

           Denali Cuff                         Media Luna Bracelet 
     Isabella Cuff                                Moonglow Bracelet
   Cleopatra                                    Heart Strings
Peekaboo Bracelet                                       Take Flight
         Christmas Wreaths                                   Maggie Aran Baubles
Diamond Tweed                      Cairn Bracelet
    Filigrana                               Wicker Bracelet                        Queen of Diamonds
Spring in Bloom                    Leather a Silver Tube                   Bracelet SO Cute
Beauvais Bracelet                 Queen of the Night                 Patchwork Bracelet
      Sweet Harmony                         Dipped in Color                  Medieval Bracelet
Flowers & Bridges 
Honeycomb Bangle                            Dewdrops Necklace
American Star                      Beezzzzz Bracelet
Swanky Snake
 Carousel Beaded Beads                        Argyle Beaded Beads
          Chi Bracelet                                Robin Spiral
 Little Flowers                         Pauline Pendant
Poison Ivy                                              Tri-Star Necklace
            Nessie bracelet                      Berries Harvest Bracelet  
Antique Earring & Pendant
Easter Bunnies or Painted Easter Eggs
        Beaded Star                                        Rivoli Heart Pendant
 Five of Diamonds                           Tila Sead Bead Curve
  Snow Crystal Pendant                                   Moon Flower 
Rap and Drape Necklace
 Sparkle Plenty Beaded Beads                             Vineyard Harvest
 Dianne Bracelet                                         Silky Tapered Net
      Christmas Snowman                   Crystal Cascade
  Fantastic Frills Bracelet                                         Khione Bracelet
 Bumpity Bump                                         Desert Blossom
    DiamondDuo & Pellet Bracelet                                               Julia Bracelet  
                      RISS Necklace                                        Daisies in a row Bracelet
 Dagger Duo bracelet                                   Twin Tracks Bracelet
Printemps Earrings                            Bodacious Earrings
Lacy Lucy Bracelet
 On The Edge Bracelet
 Trilogy bracelet                              Luna Rosa bracelet

Seahorse bracelet
        Fanfare Necklace                               Rose Windows Bracelet    
                          Marrakesh Mosaic bracelet
Crochet Necklace
Premio Pendant
    Blossom Bracelet                 High Stepping Bracelet
     Chainon Bracelet                  Gemini Strands Bracelet
      Diamonesque Bracelet                           Holiday Bracelet
Daisy Chain Bracelet                     X Factor bracelet
        Plaited Peanuts Necklace                  Birds Tail Necklace
Victorian Twin by Adele Kimpell
       Quatrefoil bracelet by Lisa Jordan               Winding Current by Melissa Mauk Rodarte
        Pip Flower Earring                                         
 Azulejo Necklace by Adela M Kimpell

Crystal Bracelet to be taught by Myra
                    Galina's Gift                                                   Golden Horizons
 Born to Bead by Debbie van Tonder
SuperDuo Bracelet by Helena Tang-Lim
 Pyramids of Nubia by Marina Montaqut
Archways Bracelet by Phyllis Dintenfass
   Fair Isle Bracelet by Stefanie Deddo-Evans

Round About Flower Necklace by Linda Roberts for Beadsmith
to be taught by Christine
              Monte Banderia Bracelet by Adele M Kimpell                                           O Bar Bracelet                                
        Sweetheart Rope 
Owl Pendant with Dawn

           Rows of Bi-Bos Bracelet 
       Victorian Lace with Dawn                       Aurora Pendant 

   O Lace by Akke Jonkhof                               Crystal Leather bracelet
                        Crystal Falling Leaves with Dawn           
                                     Parisian Lace   
    Peaks & Ladders by Dawn


Beach Rules:
Relax-Laugh-Enjoy the Company